War 2: Best Tricks and Decks to Defeat Enemy Defenses in Clash Royale War 2 (2024)

The Clash Royale War 2 has introduced a lot of new features to the game, making wars something more innovative, creative and making the Clan even more cohesive. One of the techniques to allow your ship to continue and slow down enemies is to attack enemy defenses: we find out which tricks, techniques and decks are best to use and the techniques to be implemented to defeat them easily.

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Best Tricks to Win Clash Royale War Defenses

Here are some tips to quickly win clash Royale War 2's enemy defenses as well as a collection of the best Clash Royale Tricks.

Which cards to use as an Attack Deck on Clash Royale War 2 Defenses?

We have noticed, even observing rivals during wars, that it is particularly useful to use PESANTI tank cards such as PEKKA especially at the beginning of the game (against defenses) why?

PEKKA makeup in Clash Royale War 2

PeKKA, to give an example as it can also be VALCHIRIA, is a slow card and since the enemy's 3 cannons activate ONLY when a card enters their range of action, it means that placing PEKKA behind your own tower at the beginning of the game will allow us to earn over 7 or 8 elixir points while the enemy continues to waste them without placing any cards!

Once our PEKKA has reached the bottom of the cannons we will have a huge advantage and a powerful extra card!

Also very useful, for example, spell cards such as Poison that placing them on two cannons will allow you to damage both and perhaps shoot down enemy troops placed in the during or after a possible explosion.

Missing spell cards?

Another technique, as almost no one will use ARROWS, SCARICA or TRONCO as a card in defense of their Clan/Ship this puts us in strong advantage if we use and abuse cards such as Miner-Barrel Goblin, Horde Sgherri or cards that require these types of spell cards.

You'll say "Okay, but there are Warlocks and other cards to splash" yes, it's true! But this will waste the enemy much more elixir than yours.

Remote cards: to be used absolutely

Always use area damage paper such as A MAGICO or PRINCIPESSA in attack to recover time and elixir. Important specification is to use Elixir Extractor to accumulate elixir at the beginning of the game to get additional elixir for free!

Anticipating the enemy in the Clash Royale wars 2024

As it happens that defenses will be formed by cards such as PEKKA, GRAN CAVALIERE and similar, be prepared to face them with counters such as INFERNAL DRAGON or INFERAL TORRE.

The basic technique of wars

I'm picking myself up pointing at one cannon at a time! Take on Cannon at a time, even organizing with your Clan companions, and avoid building cards as much as possible if not as useful as the Hell Tower.

Video Gallery with the Best Decks to Use

Here are the best attacks to see and emulate to attack enemies, some videos are really amazing. The used decks will list them in tow.

Best Decks to Use to Win Clash Royale War 2 Defenses

Here are some decks you can use to easily take down the enemy. The article will be constantly updated!

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