4 New Released Cards for Clash Royale: Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Cannon Cart and Flying Machine

Finally, the four new cards that will be compiled on Clash Royale from July 2017 have been unveiled, we find 1 legendary card, 1 epic card, 1 rare paper and 1 common card.

The 4 new cards that will be unlocked on Clash Royale are:

  • New legendary card: Mega Knight
  • New Epic Card: Cannon Cart
  • New rare card: Flying Machine
  • New common card: Skeleton Barrel

As you can see the Wheel Cannon is also a new entry featured on Clash of Clans, and will be the second moving structure that can inflict damage after the Spark. Each new card will be unlocked in advance as usual through a special challenge or tournament. In this regard, there will be 3 new types of challenges:

  • Sudden Death,
  • Ramp Up,
  • Triple Elisir.