New Balance February 2020 on Clash Royale

With the arrival of the new Season 8, the Clash Royale team, as per tradition, pulls the sums of the previous season and perfects the stats of some cards, upgrading or weakening them, to coincide with the arrival of the new clash Royale update of February. The new season then brings a new Card Balance, that of February 2020.

As already published in the official Clash Royale blog, we report the changes that will be extended from February 2020.

Improvements on Scaricuccioli, Royal Pigs and Witch, slightly weakened the life of the Barbarian Hut.

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  • Damage: 20%
  • Shot speed: 1.6s -> 2.0s (25% slower)
  • First fastest attack: 1.4s -> 1s
  • Total deployment time: 0.15s

Scaricuccioli are not easy to balance – if on the one hand they are fragile and not very dangerous, on the other hand they are adept at paralysing enemies, until they are countered.

We want you to be able to play your cards to the fullest, and the game scenarios where certain cards prevent an already starting interaction are not good.

When the Spurs still had competitive value, the try became too defensive and difficult to break through.


One of the focal problems of the Scaricuccioli is its ability too crippling, so we thought well to decrease its effectiveness.

By reducing their attack speed (and increasing their damage, the Scaricucciolis remain on the same Damage for Second but will no longer stun enemies permanently. In return, the Scaricucciolis can perform a faster first attack, making them possible to stop the Princes' charge and other quick targets before they come too close.


  • Reduced life time: 60s -> 50s
  • Reduced deployment time: 13.5s -> 12.5s
  • Deploy now 2 Barbarians when destroyed

Since the Barbarians have been reworked, they are singularly weaker than before. This devalued the Barbarian hut relative to its cost, so we wanted to return its right investment value, without making it too powerful a defensive construction.


At the expense of reduced life time, the Barbarians Hut will deploy the same total number of Barbarians (10). The last horde will be deployed to destroyed construction, making the hut a little more resistant against Spells and consistent against Giants
and Golem.The slightly faster deployment will allow better planning of the hordes, exploiting them as offensive shield against enemy Towers.


  • Damage: 6%

Poor Royal Pigs have no place in the middle. In the Ladder, they struggle against Wizards and Valkyries. In Challenges, they bounce off Grand Knights and Bomber Towers! They are not exactly worth their cost/risk.


A simple damage upgrade we find appropriate – we want to increase the "reward" for half their risk, thus making the Pigs more threatening against all these enemies so imposing!



A few months ago, we disempowered a lot of powerful cards. Among them, there was also the Witch, reducing the speed of the first attack and deployment. This combo turned out to be a little too much. The Witch struggles to thwart attacks due to loading too long and is often stopped by the Horde of Skeletons or other fragile troops.


We increase the speed of the first attack, then, allowing the Witch to provide the right support at a distance.