The 3 Best Decks to get to 4000 trophies on Clash Royale

Having 4000 trophies in Clash Royale is the minimum goal of each player. Also accessing this sum of cups automatically means getting into a league, with significant benefits.

There are a lot of players who block before reaching this goal, finding it difficult to win in battle.

The problem is in the deck used, since it once you get to a certain level of the game it is important to use deck where the cards are in perfect synergy with each other.

After many of our fans’ requests, here is a list of 3 deck to get to 4000 trophies.

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Deck Lumberjack, Princess, The Log

With this deck we literally destroyed opponents who have had Golems, Mega Knight or Barbarians, killing anyone who tried to step on our toes. Its low average cost of 3.4 elixir makes it a real threat.

Cards in the Deck and Strategy

deck per arrivare a 4000 trofei

The deck uses a well-defined sequence to target the opponent with your repeated attacks. The best move to begin is to immediately deploy Princess or Goblin Barrel, forcing the enemy to defend himself.

If you have against you a dangerous tank, start attacking the tower opposite to its position, so the enemy can’t deploy any support card, and then you will kill the tank with an Inferno Tower.

You can use Lightning when the opponent deploys a Wizard or Witch in order to kill a threat by damaging the tower. It might be useful to use the Rocket instead of the Lightning.

Below you can see a video to learn the deck strategy.


  • Lumberjack, Goblin Barrel;
  • Princess, Ice Spirit;
  • Lumberjack, Ice Spirit;
  • Ice Spirit, Goblin Barrel;
  • Lumberjack, Goblin Barrel;

Deck with Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Executioner

Compared to the previous deck, the average cost of elixir is much higher (4.4), but having the huts you have guaranteed a continue spawn of fresh troops that will force the enemy to multiple responses, resulting in waste of elixir.

Cards in the deck, strategies and combos

The base of this deck is the deployment of the huts, so maybe start the match with one of the 2 buildings. The enemy will be forced to respond to the offense by deploying a troop or launching a spell against your building.

The Executioner should be deployed possibly as a defense, perhaps during the attack of a horde or troops with a low quantity of hitpoints. In the case of groups, the combo with the Tornado will allow you to kill multiple units in one shot.

The Wizard can be used like the Executioner.

Skeleton Army is a great deterrent against dangerous cards or stubborn tanks.

Finally, here is the Giant, our greatest tank. It will be the ultimate threat to break through enemy defenses and destroy opponent’s tower.

Don’t forget to place the buildings so that your opponent can’t damage them with just one spell.

Deck with P.E.K.K.A, Ice Wizard, Princess

Despite the presence of P.E.K.K.A, the deck we are about to describe is one of the least heavy decks. The average elixir cost is 3.2, a real record.

Deck Strategies, Tips and Tricks

pekka, principessa, stregone del ghiacicio

Despite the cost of may make it look a deck without defenses, we assure it isn’t as it seems. The deck offers a good 360 degree defense, both for ground and air, as well as low rank troops and aggressive tanks.

The PEKKA is a mainly defensive card, with which start off in attack, and with the others in the deck. The rest of the cards is a great support that can provide valuable low-cost help, and the Mirror Card can give you the surprise effect of doubling a card 2 times in the challenge, and sometimes this can make a difference.

It is very important to not forget to try to dictate the time of the match, so that your opponent is only busy responding to your attacks.

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