Strategy 2 Stars and High Percentage for BH3, BH4, BH5 with Full Sneaky Archers

In Builder Base, it’s all around the wins in Versus Battles, and for this reason, in addition to using the best layouts for each BH level, it is very important to establish and understand certain combat strategies that are designed to bring home the highest Percentage number and stars.

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Which troops are needed

How many troops are needed for use this strategy? Here’s the answer:

  • 24+ Sneaky Archers (if possible level 8+ in order to unlock the level 2 special ability),

How does he strategy work?

We’ve seen so many players attacking with armies made entirely of sneaky archers, so we started to study this strategy well and we found that it is probably among the best available at present in the game.

Practically null space housing, Much useful special ability especially to raise high percentage, speed and attack damage, and they can rely on distant attacks as they’re safe from hidden mines or bombs. It can be used for all types of villages as the main purpose is to win by pointing to 1 star and above 60%, and we assure you that the minimum is no more than 50%.

Obviously it will serve a bit of luck on the defensive side as if the enemy would score the second star we will be defeated, but nothing is said: very often we have even got 2 stars and managed to get to builder’s hall.

Deploy 2 or 3 sneaky archers for each low/high HP building, and their ability will assure at least 5 seconds of freedom.

Against which BH can I win?

You usually won’t score more than 1 star, but you’ll score often an high percentage. This will allow you an easier win, because almost all the versus battles are based on that.

Guide-Video about the Strategy
In the following video you can see how to manage better this strategy.