Best Magic Items on Clash of Clans: What Clan Games Rewards to choose? Complete guide to tips

“Which prizes do I choose?” If this is the question you ask yourself every time the clan games come to an end then you’re in the right article. When the clan games end all players have the opportunity to get a prize for each level reached. The prizes available are always different and change according to the level unlocked , but what are the best prizes of the clan games that you have to choose?

For each level unlocked every time a clan games event ends, you can get at least one prize for each band which means you can get up to a maximum of 4 rewards . The rewards change according to the difficulty in obtaining a certain threshold of points, it goes without saying that the higher the unlocked level the greater the amount or the value perceived for each additional reward.

Types of rewards for the Clan Games

Since each level offers at most at the moment, three choices are essential to focus on what meets your needs. The available prizes can be:

  • Gold reward
  • Reward in Rose Elixir
  • Reward in Black Elixir
  • Magic artifacts (potions and magic books)
  • Rewards in gems.

We have already listed all the artifacts available in the games of the clan , so I will not go further because you can read the appropriate guide, so you’ll know that some of them may or may not be convenient for a player, for example if a player is at the level maximum in this case City Hall level 11 , you can probably safely ignore the potion force artifact as it will already have surely all the troops and spells at the maximum level. If you still want to get one, keep in mind that you can accumulate as much as possible:

  • 1 magic book by type,
  • 5 potions per type.

Rewards with gems: is it worth?

We do not recommend the gem rewards a priori because the quantity offered at the moment seems too low to be able to convince us to ignore other rewards in the same vein. For example, we found three prizes in the same level, including a reward of 25 gems, which however appealing it can not be compared to the amount of gold, pink elixir and black elixir obtainable (even 540,000 units of gold / pink Elisir or 3,600 Black elixir).

Personally, we tend to always choose rewards in resources unless the rare magical book artifacts are available, such as the Book of War, Book of Heroes or the omniscient Book which, as you have already seen, offer enormous potentialities that go beyond the greedy booty in resources. or in potions.

  • The omniscient book entitles you to 100 gems if sold
  • Each magical book put up for sale entitles you to 50 gems
  • All potions can be sold and collect 25 gems each

Here another parenthesis opens, If you are undecided whether to buy an Artifact, which you will not know what to do, or a block of 20 gems, clearly the advice is to unlock the potion and then sell it to get 5 more gems then 25.

If you do not know who to choose between a book or a magic potion, whether you want to sell it or not, it is always preferable to choose the book as they are much more rare elements and certainly greater potential (just think that a book can allow you to zero the development time of any spell, troop, hero, etc.).

It is important to specify that all artifacts can be put on sale as well as being used, so another strategy could be to still unlock potions or magic books that we do not know how to do but sell them to get gems

Then remember that the rewards you will get to join those of the treasury of the Castle of the clan, so be careful that it is not already full or risk losing all the loot strenuously unlocked.