Clan Games News and next date, December 2017, by Clash of Clans

The Clan Games brought a lot of players back to Clash of Clans to resume playing, it was a start with a bang! Probably in the future we will see great improvements on this front, already the first phase has served to further improve the game mode, while here is some information on the changes and the next release date.

The next date of the Clan Games will be December 22, 2017 , this appointment will be important as more rewards will be available.There will be two versions of the games:

  • Minor games , with lower prizes,
  • Major games with more difficult but more rewarding challenges.

The news of the Clan games

What will change from the classic Clan Games? Here are some details:

  • Duration: these Clan Games will be longer, will last well 4 days,
  • High scores: the personal maximum scores will be 2000 points instead of 500,
  • Higher reward levels : additional reward levels (up to level VI) will be added:
    • Level I: unlocked at 1000 points
    • Level II: unlocked at 2500 points
    • Level III: unlocked at 5000 points
    • Level IV: unlocked at 10,000 points
    • Level V: unlocked at 18,000 points
    • Level VI: unlocked at 30,000 points
  • Increased resource premiums: premiums such as gold, pink elixir, black elixir or gems will increase
  • Less clutter : the mission cards will be reduced, so you will have all the challenges in a single interface without having to scroll to see the others.

Great news in the next games of the clan that will therefore be much longer and with higher reward levels, this will result in more fun and prizes more greedy!