Reward list and Buider Base loot in Versus Battle

The Versus Battle is an exclusive of the Builder Base. In this mechanics of game, two players are challenging and who gets the most percentage and stars obtain the bonus. But rewards and loots will change according to the number of trophies. Here’s the complete list.

How the Versus Battle rewards work

Every time that a player win a battle gets rewards in resources: the first two wins give a low reward and the third win provide a huge resources quantity. Then, you will have to wait 22 hours to activate others 3 rewards.

When you get defeated, in addition to not getting rewards, you lose a lot of trophies that changes according to the enemy you have faced. It goes without saying that more trophies you have than more the rewards will be, and developing your village will be esier.

Rewards list based on trophies

Below you can find the list of rewards based on the amount of trophies you have been able to get (the maximum is 3000 trophies at the moment):

Leauges LivelloTrophies rangeSingle win Goldb ElixirBThird win bonus Goldb ElixirB
Leauge 10-995.00015.000
Leauge 2100-19910.00025.000
Leauge 3200-29915.00030.000
Leauge 4300-39920.00035.000
Leauge 5400-49925.00040.000
Leauge 6500-59930.00045.000
Leauge 7600-69935.00050.000
Leauge 8700-79940.00055.000
Leauge 9800-89945.00060.000
Leauge 10900-99950.00070.000
Leauge 111.000 – 1.19960.00080.000
Leauge 121.200 – 1.39965.00085.000
Leauge 131.400 – 1.59970.00090.000
Leauge 141.600 – 1.79975.000100.000
Leauge 151.800 – 1.99980.000110.000
Leauge 162.000 – 2.19990.000120.000
Leauge 172.200 – 2.39995.000125.000
Leauge 182.400 – 2.599100.000130.000
Leauge 192.600 – 2.799105.000140.000
Leauge 202.800 – 2.999110.000150.000
Leauge 213.000 +120.000160.000