Dragons Strategy for Climbing in Legend league: 2 Stars [VIDEO]

After the last update of Clash of Clans of October 2016, the Dragon has gained a new upgrade level, the level 6. With it also the Baby Dragon, creating a perfect pair for those who want to climb or aim at 2 stars in war or in multiplayer but don’t care about the amount of elixir invested. Let’s discover together, with an italian video of Crimine SPA, how the Push Strategy using Dragons works with a TH11  ( it can also be used with lower Town Halls)

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Dragons strategy to Climb in  Legend League: 2 stars guaranteed

This strategy, if followed correctly, will guarantee at least 2 stars and will make you benefit of more trophies in climbing or an easy win in war.

Questa strategia, se eseguita correttamente, vi garantisce almeno 2 stelle e in questo modo beneficerete di più coppe in scalata o di una facile vittoria in guerra.

The army with Dragons aims at taking advantage the weakness of the game’s ground defences, which dominate the metagame. The use of Air Unit will elude Bomb Tower, Mortars and many other ground structures ( including X-Bows that the 90% of the times are set to target ground units)

Let’s start by watching now the video that shows how the attacks are executed, down below you will find the directions for the attacks.


Army Training

  • At least 8 Dragons;
  • 6 Balloons;
  • 1 Lava Hound (in the Clan Castle);
  • 2 Baby Dragons;
  • 2 Lightning Spells;
  • 1 Earthquake Spell;
  • 1 Freeze Spell;
  • 2 Rage Spells;
  • 1 Poison Spell.

How to use the Dragon Strategy on Clash of Clans

The beginning of the attack uses a particular combo that is also used in other strategies: clean a corner of the village and then use a group of Dragons to clean the other corner and at last use the rest of the army to aim at the center of the village.

  1. Choose the side you want to attack ( it’s preferable the side where the Archer Queen can not reach you or where there are less Air Defences);
  2. Use the King and the Queen to clean one of the two corners of the side you want to attack and wait until they clean as much as they can;
  3. Use 2 Lightning Spells + 1 Earthquake Spell to destroy one Air Defence;
  4. Send Baby Dagons to clean the other corner and, if it is not enough, send 3 Dragons at the same spot to clean completely;
  5. Now that you have correctly cleaned the corners, you can send, in this order, Lava Hound, Balloons (linearly spread) and the Dragons with the Gran Warden at the central poin of the side.

Try this level 6 Dragons Strategy in Clan war and in climbing and you will always get 2 stars and many stars.