How the Clan Games work: news, tips and insights

The Clan Games are finally the new reality of Clash of Clans. This is one of the news, if not the most important of those made with the latest update of December 2017.

Thanks to this introduction, the teamwork among the members of each clan will be encouraged even more , so as to unlock relevant prizes.

In short, the members of each group will have to complete a variety of challenges, earning points. At the end of the Games, you will receive rewards that will be more or less useful based on the amount of points accumulated.

It will therefore be essential that every player actively contributes for the good of his clan.

What are the Clan Games really?

Basically they are simply missions (Q of Quests?) That the clan members will have to play.

There will be different types and they will be playable both in the main village and in the Builder’s Base.

They will consist of the use of a particular troop, the destruction of a specific building, etc. In short, the classic events we have been used to until today. You can choose a goal among those proposed or cancel it if you accidentally choose one (in this case you have to wait 10 minutes for a later).

All clanmates will be able to dispose of certain missions at the same time, and team play consists in choosing them. For example, in a 50-member clan, 5 are strong in BH, 5 have a maximum of TH and others are players of various levels.

Following an appropriate strategy to maximize the collection of points or medals, we will see the BH experts deal with specific missions in this way. Those who have the Villages maxed out do the most difficult missions or those involving the destruction of buildings or characters not present in the lower levels, and the remaining tasks are sorted with the rest of the team.

If this is not the case, it will be a difficult task to score an adequate score to collect the most important prizes.

Important and to remember is that there will be a specific time to complete the missions and then the game.

Magical objects: the Artifacts

Let’s talk about the prizes to be won, or magical items or artifacts.They will be available in the castle of the clan at the end of the games, and you will have a limited amount based on the number of medals accumulated by your Clan.

With them you will benefit from several factors (building fast buildings, boosting a hero in a flash, increasing the production speed of troops, etc.).

Obviously there will be different types , with more or less relevant advantages. This consequence will be derived from the points accumulated in the Clan Games. The better you will do and the more you will receive, otherwise you will have to settle for what will happen (which will always have a certain relevance).

Once you use the artifact it will no longer be available until you have another magical object of the same type.

Here is the list of available artifacts (soon Supercell could add more), you can also read the complete guide to the artifacts of Clash of Clans .

  • Training potion.
  • Potion of resources.
  • Force Potion.
  • All-knowing book.
  • Book of Heroes.
  • Spell Book.
  • Book of Buildings.
  • Book of War.

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