The Clan Games: top or flop? The time will tell us

There are many questions that we can ask ourselves and the risk is always the same, that is that most of them remain unanswered, given Supercell’s unpredictability. So let’s proceed step by step and in this article, let’s try, basing on Leaks / Rumors and “suppositions” to discover something more about Clan Games.

This article has been created in collaboration with the italian Youtuber Zenak 2.0

An update is always an attraction for the community that will access often in the post-update period and the Clan Games have surely accentuated the return of a large part of the user who pushed and encouraged to attack “overloaded” the servers, making high leagues’ research times very long.

But first off: what are the Clan Games? For those who have stopped Clash of Clans, with the latest update Supercell has introduced this new feature that allows each member of the clan, to compete and get points in order to get rich prizes or “magic items”.

Right now it seems that Supercell wants to occupy the weekends with games, reserving prizes and development times always different; because of this feature it is almost impossible to “foresee” what will be in the next season or get to know the prizes reserved for who joins. We can only hypothesize that Mini-Games will alternate (games during a maximum of 1 day) to classic Clan Games with extended duration and richer prizes.

What we know is that the future of the Clan Games is brilliant, according to Supercell’s plans, which would include the addition of more levels, new prizes and even the possibility that the clans compete against each other.

Darian, Supercell’s community manager, in the English Forum said:

For now it should be said that this is a top-update since it gave vital life to the clan that are reactivating, even the small ones, and it took back many people to attack and gave the community the “magical objects” that allow you to do similar function to those possible with the help of the gems.

But we can’t consider the other face of the medal, keeping in mind a whole series of risk factors: there is the possibility that all this would be just a temporary hype and that once the enthusiasm has been ended, everything will fall into the previous situation.

We will see what Supercell wants to do. For now, watch Zenak’s video talking about the Clan Games.

Note: the video is in italian only. If you want, you can help us adding subtitles.

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