Magical Items Clash of Clans: What they are, what they are and what function they have

Magical Items, or the precious prizes obtained by participating in the Clan Games will give a valid car for those who use them.

These magical objects are able to improve and strengthen villages and armies, bringing not inconsiderable advantages. Unfortunately, you will have a limited amount of these Magical Items, so you will have to use them with great wisdom.

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The power of the 8 Magical Items

For starters there will be 8 magical items , which over time may increase on Clash of Clans. Magical Items in turn are subdivided into 2 categories: the Books and the Potions. We study below the 8 objects and their potential.

Book of War

The first magic object is valid for both villages of Clash of Clans, and allows you to instantly complete the upgrading of the troops in progress. A nice time saving for those lucky enough to use it.

Book of Buildings

It too can be used in both villages, and guarantees the immediate development of a building. Not bad.


artifacts - spellbook

This time the special function is only valid for the basic or main village. Allows you to immediately complete an improvement of spells in progress.

Book of Heroes

As the name makes clear, and like the other books, guarantees to be able to immediately improve a type of troop, or the Heroes or Royals.It is usable in both villages.

Omniscient Book

omniscient book

Among the magical objects, the omniscient book is certainly the most important. With it there is the possibility of completing any improvement in both villages. No limits for this legendary items.

Force Potion

From this moment we move from books to potions. With this fluid of those purple you will have the opportunity to strengthen troops and spells at the highest level available in their laboratories. It works in both villages.

Resource Potion

Available for the base village it allows to increase the extraction speed of mines and extractors for one day (24h).

Training Potion

Working in the main village alone, it allows to increase the production of troops, the efficiency of barracks and spell factories and the regeneration of real heroes.