Clash of Clans Update Recap: here’s what the new Christmas Update will contain

A huge Christmas is coming for all the Clashers: the new Christmas update will contain fresh news that will jolt the entire gaming system, which has lost emphasis in the last period. Darian, a member of the Clash of Clans team, has released a lot of information about it that we will now translate and show you.

Cosa troverai nell'articolo

What the new update will NOT contain

The staffer already said that the new updat will:

  • Not be TH12 (as many said)
  • Not be BH8 (Builder Hall level 8)
  • Will be largely focused on the Main Village
  • Will focus on the Clan
  • Will be something new
  • Will have a new feature that starts with the letter Q,
  • Will have sneak peeks coming in the next weeks

So no Town Hall level 12 coming as many had hoped (in the following a video of a concept of a hypothetical TH12) and surprisingly not even Builder Hall 8 (very good in this case, as there are still many players in the upgrading phase).

Special Quests on Clash of Clans

The rumors about Quests have remained the same: the developers say that the new feature starts with Q, and many think it is therefore connected to the Q of Quests. The words that contain this letter are very few and the only alternative could be a new building, for example, with a proper name.

Sneak Peeks incoming?

If update developments follow last year’s planning, Sneak Peeks should start in two weeks, then around mid-December. Stay updated through our social channels of Clash of Clans Italy: