13+ Layout BH3 to use for Builder Hall level 3 in Versus Mode

Builder Hall level 3 is probably the most popular since it is rather easy to boost and reach even with basic knowledge of the game in classic mode. However, since the only way to farm in Builder Base (the funniest at least) is the Versus Battle, it is extremely important to know how to choose the best base layout: we gathered over 13 layouts for BH3 (Builder Hall 3) to use right away!

These screenshots show different layouts possible in the new gameplay, however, before you start, it is important to follow some points to avoid a simple copy&paste:

  • It is extremely important not to keep the Archer Tower too exposed or it will be easily plunderable by an army of Beta Minions; for this reason it is essential to always have an Air Bomb to position in its proximity.
  • The Hidden Tesla is crucial as it makes it almost impossible to the enemy to reach 100% (in the pictures it is hidden, but position it always in the center of the base or next to the Archer Tower).
  • The Double Cannon is a fantastic defence but it can only damage ground troops.
  • The Spring Traps have to be positioned next to the defenses to give hard times to the enemies who think to get an easy with.

Remember that you can find other guides e layouts on Builder Base level 3 in the specific section.