20+ Advanced Layouts for Builder Hall 7 to get 4500 5000 cups

Waiting for the launch of the BH8, which we remember is in a sleepy state within the current version of Clash of Clans, it’s time to take full advantage of the BH7. Even before the builder’s room develops, it is important to thoroughly study every detail and add it to the metagame. Here are 20+ advanced layouts for BH7 to use right now to win defenses.

The arrival of a new defense such as the Giant Cannon or the Cimiterial Balloon Troop will completely overwhelm any trim of the current metagame. For this reason it is not enough to improve the layout you dragged on from the BH6 but to use a completely new one. We have collected over 20 dispositions for BH7 , all already tested and optimized that will allow you to reach and exceed 4500 or 5000 cups.

layout avanzati bh7 clash of clans (1)

Come saprete non basta un layout per vincere, oltre in modalità difensiva, dovrete essere esperti anche in offensiva per riuscire a raggiungere le vette più alte della classifica.