Layout BH3 + Replay to get to 1300 trophies on Clash of Clans

New layout with stellar style: this kind of structure should allow to easily and quickly get to 1300 trophies with BH3, Builder Hall level 3. The picture resemble a 4-points star with a funneling to fool the enemy’s troops. Let’s discover together this BH3 Layout +  Replay to rise to 1500 trophies on Clash of Clans.

The purpose of this structure is not for self-defense, but rather to make the opponent use mostly the archers to make percentage without gaining any stars.

The Builder Hall is positioned right in the center so it can be completely surrounded by all the defences. On the north-east side we have a Cannon and Firecrackers. On the south-east side we have the Archer Tower, nort-ovest a Double cannon, while on the south-west there is an Hidden tesla and another cannon, and a Crusher more external (which honestly doesn’t convince us since it can be destroyed rapidly by Archers or Beta Minions).

The walls are completely open in order to attract towards the center Boxer Giants and other potential troops whose favorite targets are the defences. It is to try absolutely .