Best BH5 Base for 2000/2500 Cups on Clash of Clans

Level 5 of the Builder’s Room is surely the most powerful one in the Builder’s metagame, allowing you to finally exploit the Great War Machine and new defenses such as Multi Mortar. Learn how to make the most of your village with the Best Base BH5 for 2000/2500 Cups on Clash of Clans

The layout of this video has many points in its favor: great compaction, few outside structures and the most important defenses placed in the exact center of the village. The Archer’s Towers cover the flying assaults, while the southeastern side is virtually covered by defenses of land such Guard and Multi Mortar.

migliore base BH5 per clash of clans

In the following video you can also see a number of replays that show how this layout can perfectly reject the advancement of enemies, whatever type of troops they are.