Chinese New Year update for Clash of Clans arriving in January 2018?

The year 2017 was for Clash of Clans the year of rebirth : the arrival of major revolutions such as the Base of the Builder and the innovations gradually implemented such as the Clan Games, currently active, have brought back millions of players to return to play. It seems that the news does not end here, because some enthusiasts have managed to extrapolate some interesting information that would concern the update of the Chinese New Year 2018.

As happened for Clash Royale last year, it seems that next year it will be right to Clash of Clans celebrate: as you can see two elements appeared that would seem to be connected to this special event. At the moment there are speculations and rumors, but the design is very similar to the one used by Game Game Designers.

The two elements would look like decorations that could randomly appear inside their village during the Chinese New Year holidays (just like the trees or special obstacles we have been used to during the various holidays) and are:
  • Chinese firecrackers,
  • Money tree (considered a symbol of prosperity and fortune in China).

As was the case with Clash Royale, if the news were to be confirmed, it would be news exclusively dedicated to players residing in China.