Builder Hall Level 4 Guide: What to upgrade first, how to manage defenses, strategies and troop upgrading

In this guide we’ll explain you how to manage a Builder Base with level 4 Builder Hall: let’s explain the steps on how to get the best from BH4 and how to be able to optimize gold and pink elixir without buying gems and spend real money. These, in our opinion, are the best advices on how to get the most from BH4 (Builder Hall 4).

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Builder Hall Level 4 Upgrade

As soon as you upgrade your builder all you’ll unlock many buildings, troops and traps that were previously unavailable. At this step to know what to do and how to invest gold and pink elixir is very important. Let’s start by listing all the new features that are released and unlocked with the upgrade to Builder Hall level 4:

New Buildings

  • Clock tower,

Defensive Buildings

  • New wall raw,
  • Push Trap,
  • Air Bombs,
  • Archer Tower,
  • Guard Post,
  • Mega Mine,

Army Building

  • 1 Army Camp,

Resource Buildings

  • None

Available Upgrades

  • Star Laboratory can be upgraded until level 4,
  • Builder barrack can be upgraded until level 6
    • Unlocks Bomber,
    • Unlocks baby dragon,
  • Double Cannon can be upgraded until level 4,
  • Archer tower can be upgraded until level 4,
  • Gold Mine can be upgraded until level 4,
  • Hidden tesla can be upgraded until level 4,
  • All the traps can be upgraded until level 4.

Main Village

  • 1 Gear Up Double Cannon.

What to build first at Builder Hall level 4

You may know that farm in this modality isn’t easy, we won’t linger on the question of gold and elixir as we have widely talked about it in the article on How to Farm in the Builder Base. This is why it is extremely important to rationalize and maximize the amount of resources we can unlock on a daily basis. It goes without saying that investing gold and elixir on buidings or upgrades that may turn out to a waste would cost a lot in terms of time and wins in Versus Battles. Here’s what to build or upgrade with prioritize.

How to use gold at Builder Hall level 4

We don’t recommend starting from this level with the priority of upgrading the Elixir Collector and Gold Mines, as the biggest contribution comes from the Versus Battles. You may reserve the upgrading of these buildings according to your preferences, given the low cost you can decide to increase them whenever you like.
You may know that in Versus Battle the most important thing is the defense. That’s because it’s very important to invest gold in this order:

  1. Build Clock Tower and activate the boost,
  2. Build the new Archer Tower (cheap and fast)
  3. Buy the wall row available,
  4. Build Guard Post,
  5. Upgrade Double Cannon to level 4 (for now don’t upgrade a normal cannon to double in the main village).
  6. Build all the traps,
  7. Upgrade Gold Storage,
  8. Max Archer Towers,
  9. Max Cannon,
  10. Upgrade Hidden Tesla,
  11. Upgrade Guard Post,
  12. Upgrade Crusher,
  13. Build Air Bombs (on our experience at the moment air attacks are underused though)
  14. Upgrade the rest (for example firecrackers).


How to use elixir at Builder Hall level 4

The elixir has a great potential in this game mode and will serve you mostly to strengthen and unlock the abilities of the new troops. Here is the order and what to do first with Elixir. We will give prioritiy to the army camp because it allows to use more troops in battle.

  1. Upgrade Elixir Storage for increase his capacity of +100.000 and build the army camp:,
  2. Build army camp,
  3. Upgrade Star Laboratory to level 4,
  4. Upgrade sneaky archers, raged barbarians and boxer giants to level 8 for a huge advantage in Versus Battles,
  5. Upgrade Builder Barracks to max level: you will unlock Bomber and Baby Dragon

Gem Mine is currently avoidable, as it has a very high cost for reparation and generates just 2 gems a day. We will prioritize Star Laboratory Upgrades.

Star Laboratory: what trup upgrade

The offense is very important in this game mode, so you have to invest heavily on the upgrading of troops in the Star Laboratory and allow them to unlock at least Level 2 and therefore the special abilities; since air troops are underused because of the low percentage to score a star, here’s what you should upgrade first:

  1. Upgrade star Laboratory to level 4
  2. Ignore the boost of Beta minions, Bomber and Baby Dragons at beginning (or you can upgrade them to level 2 in order to unlock their special abilities),
  3. Upgrade Sneaky Archers, Raged Barbarians and Boxer Giants first to allow you to use a lot of different strategies.

These are the three important steps. Then you should build clock tower and upgrade it before upgrading Builder Hall to level 5.

Gem Mine is currently avoidable, as it has a very high cost for reparation and generates just 2 gems a day (an obstacle can yield up to 6 if not more). The same for double cannon in main village: it would be too misleading and occupy the master builder for two days.