Touchdown: Which cards to choose and which not to win

How does Touchdown work?

  • The main goal is to surpass the line in enemy’s field with one of our troop.
  • The troops will run straight until they meet something that distracts them.
  • 1 unit who passes enemy’s line gets 1 crown. More units will get more crowns, until 3. Who gets 3 crowns first or gets the most crowns, wins.
  • As in the normal battles, the elixir is normally generated until 2 minutes of match, when it gets doubled.
  • Cards such as graveyard or miner can’t be placed farther than the middle line.

Cosa troverai nell'articolo

Campo di Touchdown Clash Royale

General Touchdown Advices

This game mode is very different from the classic one we already know. Cards that are useful in 1 vs 1 here may not work properly.

Even spells couldn’t be useful, except for a few exceptions, while buildings are important.

Always choose a building

edifici utili x modalità touchdown

The buildings are the key to win. X-Bow and Mortar are the best ones.

We recommend to choose at least 1 card between Furnace, Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut etc, since they can attack and distract the enemy.

A good strategy is to deploy a building and attcak to the other side of the field.

Which spells to choose

There are spells that can help a lot in touchdown, while some aren’t very useful. Here’s a list of the best and the worst ones.

Must use:

  • Arrows;
  • Poison;
  • Fireball;
  • Rocket;
  • Lightning;
  • The Log.

Don’t use:

  • Heal;
  • Rage;
  • Clone;
  • Zap.

Which card choose: ground or air?

In a deck you will need cards that can quickly destroy cards such as Golem and Lava Hound. So when you choose your deck, be very careful when you choose cards who can counter ground and air troops.

Unfortunately for P.E.K.K.A lovers, we should advise to not to use it, as it would be mislead until the death of countless characters inside the map.

Let’s choose melee damage units and splash damage units!

Destroy the most of the enemy troops in the field is the main practice to win.

For example, the Princess is a great card, given her power to exterminate hordes in a single stroke or 2.

The Dart Goblin is also good with his fast attack and long range.

As far as splash area damage cards are concerned, we can count on the Executioner, Wizard, Valkyrie and Bowler.

Best cards in Touchdown

Battle Ram

It’s fast, it only targets the buildings, and if destroyed, 2 Barbarians are ready to continue inflaming the Arena. If your opponents have got only a little elixir and it is deployed from the opposite side of the map, stopping it is impossible.

Hog Rider

It’s considered the most strong card in the touchdown arena. If it’s deployed with the correct spell, it’s a sure win condition.


If it’s deployed with Lava Hound or Golem it’s a real pain for the opponents, and if they can’t defend from air troops, a victory is assured.

Troop generating buildings

The troop generating buildings are a huge advantage, since they make pressure to the enemy and their troops can push until enemy line. Barbarian’s Hut is among the less useful onse, given the slowness in generating barbarians, but it remains always effective.


This big stone guy has an infinite amount of Hp that his opponent must face along with the units that follow him.

Playing it from the first minute is not a good strategy, as the opponent will have time to create a counterattack. So wait for the right time.

It also has got he power of the generation of 2 Golemites to his death that will continue running.

Mega Knight

He’s fast, he can jump and he’s got a ton of hitpoints. Even if it’s not the best on Touchdown, it’s a great addition to any deck.

Unfortunately, it can be easily killed, so you have to be careful when you deploy it.

Lava Hound

The only positive note are the hitpoints and its lava pups. It can happen during the game that his puppies generated automatically surpass the Touchdown line at his death.

Witch and Night Witch

Useful for the units they can generate (fast and require a counterattack). They are particularly effective in Touchdown because they can not only deal with hordes, but they can also count on the individual shots of the troops you have evoked.


He’s very fast, and this makes it a threat, but if placed with an hog rider or a balloon, his rage spell can be letal.


The ability to hit distant enemies thanks to its long range makes it unique in Touchdown. So being difficult to destroy, it is an extra weapon in our hands.

That’s all! Keep following us for tricks, tips and guides on Supercell World Fan!