Sneak Peak #1: New Update for Clash Royale in June 2017

The first sneak peek of Clash Royale’s June update was released during live on Clash Royale’s official page: lots of new features in addition to adding 5 new Deck slots, adding friends through Social Network and more!

Here is the complete list of new features included in the first June sneak peek dedicated to Clash Royale’s new update:

  • Unlock extra Battle Deck slots at Level 8
  • Invite friends to your Clash Royale friends list (a social media connection is no longer required to have in-game friends!)
  • Invite friends directly to your Clan
  • Clans now unlock at Level 1 (card requests still unlock at Level 3)
  • Copy decks from TV Royale and shared replays

On the day of tomorrow, 2 new sneak peeks will probably be released, but you are sure the appointment will be late in the evening!