Deck Night Witch, Clone Spell, Mirror for Arena 8, Arena 9, Arena 10 and Arena 11

We clashed against this deck and we got amazed by how it won 3-1. Very underestimated, using it allows a big win chance! We’ll show you how to use one of the less used cards, Clone Spell, with the Night Witch for Arena 8, Arena 9, Arena 10 and Arena 11.

Cards in the Deck

  • Night Witch: jolly card in the deck,
  • Ice Golem: excellent wall with a modest cost,
  • Mirror: reuse the latest card you played,
  • Skeletons: recycle card or annoyer,
  • Elixir Pump: good card to optimize elixir recycling,
  • Clone Spell, Freeze: to be used with careful cunning,
  • The Log: for any goblin or hordes.

Strategies, Combos and Tactical Tips

The best combo with this deck uses no other than… each card in the deck! How does this work? Let’s explain how it was used against us:

  1. Use the Night Witch placing it behind the King Tower (If the enemy attacks ignore it even at the cost of losing a lateral tower),
  2. As soon as the Night Witch arrives ahead the tower, mirror her in order to create a new one, then anticipate the witches with Ice Golem,
  3. At this point use clone spell and you’ll double the whole team with 4 Night Witches and 2 Ice golems

From this moment the combo will be unstoppable as even if the cloned night witches were killed, they would create a huge flock of bats that will destroy quickly the tower