Deck Night Witch, Hog Rider for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11 and Leagues

The Night Witch is a really fearsome troop because of its low cost and its great fighting skills, and thanks to the coat of Hog Rider you will be able to exploit a deadly combo that can put any enemy in trouble.

The deck with Night Witch and Hog Rider is suitable for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11 and Clash Royale Leagues.

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Cards in the Deck

  • Night Witch,
  • Zap,
  • Archer,
  • Ice Spirit,
  • Cannon,
  • Hog Rider,
  • Fireball,
  • Skeletons.

The average elixir cost is very low, 2.8, that allows this deck to be a quick cycle deck.

Replaceable Cards

  • You can replace Archers with Spear Goblins or Minions

Strategies, Combos and Tactical Advices

Hog Rider and Night Witch: the main combo. As you know, the Night Witch knocks down a small flock of bats that join those who invokes every 4 seconds.
If we also think it has a full cover of both air and ground, we can well say it is one of the most versatile troops in the game (also adding to the possibility of very high physical damage and attack speed of the Bats). Also, the quick hog rider, that can deal a lot of damage if ignored.

The enemy will have to be defended on three fronts simultaneously:

  • Air: Bats,
  • Ground: Hog Rider and Night Witch.

A fireball would not be enough to wipe out the threat as the Hog would withstand and the Witch even if dies, would create other support bats.

In addition, the Inferno Tower is blown away by the support of bats that act as alternative Skeletons. About Skeletons, you can also use skeletons as additional defensive support for Hog Rider and Night Witch.