How to use the Barbaric Barrel on Clash Royale: English Guide

The Barile Barbarico is yet another card that sees the protagonist of the unit par excellence of Supercell, the Barbaro. As you may have seen, it corresponds to a perfect fusion between Tronco and Barile Goblin , but what are the best strategies, tactics and how do you use the Barbaric Barrel ? We try to take stock of the situation with the help of videos from Youtube.

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How to use Barile Barbaric on Clash Royale

As we said the paper combines the skills of two widely used cards in the metagame, we refer to the omnipresent Tronco and the annoying Barile Goblin. What are the characteristics of Barile Barile?

  • It has a very low cost if combined with its characteristics and the strategies that can gravitate around: 3 pink elixirs
  • It is an Epic card, therefore difficult to upgrade
  • The broken barrel inflicts further damage,
  • 239 damage / 84 damage to explosion
  • Range of action 6.5
  • At the highest level has Barbari liv 9,
  • It affects only land targets.

Better Trunk or Barbaric Barrel?

At first glance they might seem almost identical, but there are substantial differences that make them perfect in some cases and less in others.

  • Potential : Between the two cards which one is considered more palatable? Undoubtedly, the trunk has a much wider range of action, but has a feature that makes it more difficult to upgrade, it is in fact a Legendary Map unlike the Barbaric Barrel that instead allows a relatively faster upgrade as it is more easily obtainable from Bauli and Events (being an Epic card),
  • vgio of action : the trunk is undoubtedly more powerful on this front covers more boxes than Barile Barile
    • Trunk: 11.1 boxes
    • Barbaric barrel of 6.5 boxes
  • Costs of employment : 2 to 3, undoubtedly wins the Trunk. But we must consider that Barile Barbaric also has a unit that can act as a shield, albeit light, and combined with supporter strategies.
  • Resistance : one is a spell card the other a unit, it goes without saying that the latter would allow you to gain some time and use it on several occasions,
  • Functionality Reset : both have a ‘reset’ effect when they hit the targets (allowing the affected unit to change target), but while with the Trunk one would need an additional unit (eg Ice Golem) then with additional cost while with the Barbaric Barrel we get both at a low cost.
  • Attacks Earth or Air : both only affect troops and land targets

There is therefore no absolute winner, because although similar, have slightly different uses and purposes and compensate for their shortcomings with advantages over the other. However, according to our hypothesis (completely personal), the Trunk would be a much more versatile and therefore potentially better card than the Barbaric Barrel.

Similar Barbaric Barrel and Barrel Goblin?

Apart from the figurative characteristics, the two cards can not be compared above all because of these characteristics:

  • The Barrel Goblin can be launched anywhere in the field , Barile Barbarico no,
  • Attack speed and damage to the second different : the Barrel Goblin if left to act can make a tower collapse at great speed, the Barbaro has only a ‘supporter’ purpose,
  • Once the Barbaric Barbaric hits the target , Barile Goblin does not.

They are therefore incompatible at the strategy level, although they are both Epic Cards and have the same cost (prior to Balancing).

How to use the Barbaric Barile: the best strategies

How to use the Barbaric Barrel at its best to win matches on Clash Royale? Let us make a summary, before making the best deck for this card known:

  • Barbaric + Giant Barrel: send the Giant forward, as soon as it is targeted by enemies, launch the Barbaric Barrel, it will pass on to the Giant and hit all the troops that are attacking the Giant,
  • Barbaric Barrel + Princess: risky move in reality, but often the enemy does not use the Trunk to take down your Princess, in this way you can place it at the edge of the field and launch the Barbaric Barrel to hit the troops that will position the enemy (like Skeletons or Gang Goblin).
  • Barbaric barrel replaced at the trunk: you can try to take Barile Barbarico with you instead of the Trunk Card.
  • Domatore + Barile GoblinUs the Tamer of Wild Boars and immediately laterally or behind launches the Barbaric Barrel, in this way the Barbarian will act as supporter and shield if the enemy will place a defense to attract the attention of the Tamer.

Best combos for Barbaric Barrel Challenge

Clash Royale Arena recommends the choice of the following cards to win the challenge dedicated to the Barbaric Barile: