New PEKKA Provocation: How to Unlock the Emote Exclusive on Clash Royale

How to unlock the new PEKKA taunt on Clash Royale, dedicated to the new season? To unlock this emote you can do in two ways essentially.

First, it’s given to Content Creators, and other players must participate in Content Creators tournaments to get it and reach at least TOP 25.

For example, you can access the free tournaments available on Clash Royale, looking for simply “PEKKA” from the search box. Of course, pay attention, because only if the creator is a streamer/Youtuber can “gift” a provocation.

Many will pretend to be official youtuber just to get free advertising, so retab attention.

Pekka How to Do Provocation

This is an example of the Tournaments you can find with free access and get the new taunt for free!