Best 2024 Lumberjack Decks for Woodman Challenge on Clash Royale

Periodically and cyclically challenges appear in seasons and wars, one of them, for example, the Woodman’s Charge Challenge where a Fury effect is perpetually active on any unit (own and enemy) in the playing field, and where each tower constantly generates Woodmen starting from one unit and reaching up to 6 or 8. Let’s find out which decks to create to win in the Woodman Challenge on Clash Royale.

A premise, we’ll start with decks that we think are better than others, at the beginning of the game expect to fill at least 8 or 9 pink elixirs and place an offensive/defensive card (such as Black Prince, Witch or Valkyrie) to hinder the first Woodman, but don’t use it, if you can immediately the defensive building.

Remember that in the field, being always active Fury (albeit with a 40% decrease effect) each unit even the slowest, will be more responsive and rapid (e.g. Spark, not to be underestimated, as in one fell swoop can take out groups of Woodmen!).

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