Deck Night Witch, Witch, Golem for Arena 8, Arena 9, Arena 10

Players who have managed to total 12 wins in the last challenge released by Supercell have won the new legendary Night Witch award as the prize.

In this guide we will present a bunch of unpublished cards that will exploit the potential of the two witches, the surprise effect of the Miner, and the enormous amount of Golem’s injured points. Let’s look at the 8 cards to use in the deck.

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Deck Night Witch for Arena 8 and above

  • Golem: When any player faces this stone mountain he knows it will be a business. We use his wounded points to protect the cards that follow him.
  • Sgherri: 3 low level flying monsters capable of causing serious damage if protected with care.
  • Witch: Evocative of skeletons and wartsman. Never underestimate this dark being.
  • Nightwatch: the new legendary card. Find its maximum power by collaborating with your partner Witch.
  • Skeleton horde: Evoking a skeleton horde is always a defensive and offensive move.
  • Miner: His ability to dig tunnels by avoiding enemy attacks, and getting straight to the undisturbed target is always a nuisance for those who are facing it. Let’s use it in this fantastic deck.
  • Zap: Are Obsessed Herds Gone? Neutralize them with electric shock.
  • Archers: a versatile troop in defense and in attack.

Strategies and Combo Deck with Night Witch

The battalion relies on the Golem attack, thanks to its remarkable offensive power, and the considerable amount of injured points that make it a shield for the troops following it. It needs to be protected, so in the deck there is the discharge, to eliminate any terrestrial hordes. Cards such as witches or mahoganys are good backdrops.

The Miner is a great unit with a remarkable surprise effect, which can spell the enemy with a few assaults if he or she will be assisted properly.

The Archers and the Horn of Skeletons will have to be used as needed.

Combo and Strategy

Here is a list of the best combo you can run into battle:

  • Golem and Witch.
  • Golem and Witches.
  • Golem and Sgherri and Night Witch.
  • Miner and Sgherri.
  • Miner and Archers.
  • Miner and Witches.

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