3 Best Arena 5 Decks to push in Arena 7

Many requestes have arrived us on how to build best Arena 5 decks to push in Arena 7, that’s why we created a guide listing them. We analized some important attacks, especially on TV Royale, and we thought to gather them into this article. Reaching Arena 7 is a really good challenge, hardly ever a player with a good strategy overcomes Arena 6 and touches Arena 7.

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Best Arena 5 Decks to push in Arena 7

Discover in the following decks’ analysis one out of three suggested decks and let us know if you use them too

Hog Rider + Freeze / Barbarians + Wizard

esempio mazzo arena 5 per salire arena 7

Let’s start from the best combination existing up to now, Hog Rider and the Freeze Spell: this special combo allows the Hog Rider to deal massive damage relying on the fact that all your enemy’s eventual defenses and counterattacks are hibernated. This tactic is used in many Arena levels, in fact it is used in Arena 8 too.

Deck turns around this combo, for this, all the other cards are supports. Lightning has to be used to damage enemy troops often used by your enemy to stop annoying buildings like Inferno Towers. You can substitute it with the Fireball, costing 2 pink elixir less.

Alternate this combo with Barbarians + Wizard during moments of passage and don’t leave too much time to your enemy. Valkyrie has to be used as a support for barbarians but she can be replaced by a Giant. The goblin is chosen as a troop to divert and attract enemy troops to the centre. You can deppen the Hog Rider + Freeze Guide at the following link

Baloon + Freeze + Rocket

esempio mazzo arena 5 per salire arena 7

Let’s exploit another great combination often used even from high level attackers: Baloon + Freeze. Umpteenth combo enjoying Freeze Spell’s great power, also Baloon as the Hog Rider, has priority on enemy buildings and this, plus to its enormous destructive power, makes it a deadly weapon.

The only problem is troop’s slow moving speed, but it can be compensated by the potion’s use instead.

Arrows too are a card that has to be used as a support for Freeze to clean out Baloon’s most feared counter card: Minions Horde. Rocket has to be used as your trump card and, when available, the latest possible just because it has to be your ace in the hole and it has to get your enemy crushed.

As a Freeze surrogate you can use Minions Horde too, Valkyria instead can be used to take out annoying troops and to draw attention, the latter can be replaced by the Giant and can be se sent in combo with the Baloon. This way you will enjoy titan’s great resistance in order to allow Baloon reach and hit at least once the Crown Tower.

Inferno Tower has to be used once you reach Arena 6, because first Golems specimen will appear. It’s a very offensive deck, that’s why it suffers very versatile decks.

Giant + Wizard and ranged attacks

esempio mazzo arena 5 per salire arena 7

Third deck of Arena 5 cards to push up to Arena 7: this deck will employ the combination resuming the one of the famous GoWi, where golem will be replaced for obvious reasons by the Giant, much cheaper and with high stats tipical of a pure tank.

Giant will advance and will be defended behind by the Wizard that will worry about defending from enemy troops with medium-low health points, burning the in one shot. As a Giant alternative we suggest the Giant Skeleton too, but we strongly advise against the Golem, even in the moment when you reach Arena 6, this because it has undue effort and you can use it only with the Elixir Pump.

Tesla is a terrifying defense that can save you from defeat, placing it at the exact centre of your field: this way you will attract any enemy Hog Rider or Baloon, diverting them to the centre they will suffer strikes from the othre Crown Tower too. Use Arrows as a support for Wizard to take out Minions Horde or to destroy Goblin Hut/Pumps of your rival.

During dead moments, use Barbarian and Archers as a combo Giant + Wizard substitute. If you want to know more about Golem + Wizard combo, read the guide in this regard (but it is a deck from Arena 6 on).