Best Infinite X7 Elixir Deck on Clash Royal2024e to win any Challenge and Prize

The Infinite Elixir or Elixir x7 challenge is a challenge that allows all players to achieve Pink Elixir in "industrial" quantities with a speed of x7. We've rounded up the perfect decks to overcome this challenge.

The first deck is simply a deck consisting of control cards, NO STOP should be used on the enemy's central tower. Hurry to use Rocket rocket to quickly destroy the enemy.

Replace the first Burning Sphere deck with Poison and Giant Skeleton instead of Barbarian Barrel.

Deck X7;26000063;28000000;28000012;26000064;26000068;28000015;26000067&id=92J08P
Best Deck Elixir X7 Infinite Elixir;28000003;28000012;28000007;28000014;28000006;28000000;28000001&id=92J08P
Best Deck Elixir X7 Elixir Infinite 1;26000009;28000012;26000055;26000020;26000017;28000000;26000033&id=92J08P
Best Deck Elixir X7 Elixir Infinite 2;27000005;27000009;27000010;27000001;27000004;26000049;28000007&id=802Q8LJUG