Double Elixir Challenge: unlock the Elite Challenge and win amazing Rewards!

Are your ready for this special Event? The new Double Elixir challenge is finally live, and it will be like a previous event: it will be available in 2 steps. Winning in the classic challenge, you will unlock an entry in the élite challenge. What will be the prizes?

As you have already experienced in the past, the Double Elisir Challenge is a classic challenge where each player will use their own deck and fight at double speed (increased elixir production).

Double Elixir Challenge: the Prizes

The first challenge, with free entry, will allow you to unlock:

  • At 2 wins 10 rare cards
  • At 4 wins 15 rare cards
  • At 6 wins 2 epic cards

The Elite Challenge can be unlocked once you get the maximum level of wins in the free entry one. The prizes will be:

  • At 3 wins, 2000 gold units
  • At 5 wins, 30 rare cards
  • At 7 wins 4 epic cards,
  • At 9 wins 10.000 gold units.

By winning both of the challenge, you will earn

  • 12,000 gold coins (+3350 final prize),
  • 55 rare cards (+14 final prize),
  • 6 epic cards (+1 final prize).

Will you join the challenge?