Golem, Night Witch, Baby Dragon deck for Arena 10, Arena 11 and Leagues

The Night Witch, after the event organized to unlock her before the release, is starting to appear on decks of Arena 10, Arena 11 and Leagues. It’s far different from her old colleague that we all know and used at least once.

There are already several decks in circulation to use it, and in this article we’ll look at a balanced and insidious deck to put in trouble any opponent in the arenas that matter.

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Night Witch Deck: The 8 deck cards


  • Golem: one of the most exquisite and powerful units of Clash Royal. His presence on the field is fearful to anyone. A certainty in the highest Arenas.
  • Skeletons: 4 bony warriors must not be understimated. Never.
  • Night Witch:  behind a Golem and flanked by a Baby Dragon could be really dangerous.
  • Baby Dragon: a simple and useful unit. Use his wide-range attack.
  • Mega Minion: one of the best cards used in the enemy defeating 1 vs 1. An excellent defensive solution.
  • The Log: can defeat several enemies rolling. Any hoard has the hours counted in his presence.
  • Lightning: 3 powerful electric discharges to break down the hopes (and the enemy units).
  • Inferno tower: issues with a Giant? or with an Hog Rider? No worries. Inferno Tower will solve your problem.

Strategies and combos

  • This deck put the chances of winning over the Golem. It must be protected up to under the enemy tower, so an commensurate support will be necessary.

Start the assoult spawning it behind our tower, and let the elixir bar recharge during his slow walking on the path. Before deploying the support, we will wait the opponent response to respond adequately to his defensive strategy. The Log is recommended to defeat hordes, lightning in case of infernal cards, or cover it with Night Witch plus Baby Dragon, creating a good combo that offer a good attack-defense mix.

The best combos to use are:

  • Golem, Night Witch.
  • Golem, Night Witch, Baby Dragon.
  • Golem, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion.
  • Night Witch, Baby Dragon.
  • Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Skeletons.