Best Decks for Balloon Challenge and Balloon Festival Challenge [year]

The Balloon Festival challenge or the classic one where they appear randomly every 30 seconds Balloons generated from each part of the field. This is one of the most complex challenges Supercell has ever created, as the combinations and strategies are always new. We will collect the best Decks to win in the Balloon Festival mode.

As an alternative to the following decks, you can also use one of the best Log Bait decks, which are highly recommended to counter Balloon Challenges.

Deck Clash Royale 1;26000028;26000032;28000006;26000012;26000039;26000041;28000008&id=92J08P
Deck Clash Royale 12;26000007;26000021;26000011;26000017;28000000;26000049;28000008&id=92J08P