StatsRoyale: Chest Cycle and Next Chest in Real Time!

We have discovered with great enthusiasm how to access the Real Time Boards list of every single Clash Royale game profile (yes, in addition to ours we can look at the others), and above all without installing any application. We’ll explain how to do it. Please note that it’s valid for June 2017 new update too.StatsRoyale is one of the lots of tools made by Clash Royale fans to give access to features that normally can’t be accessed.

You really find a lot of apps for Android and iOS that let you track chest sequences, but many of them are difficult to use because they require a commitment to check from time to time what chest we’ve found and offer us the chances between two types of chests. In short, not really the best.

Thanks to StatsRoyale you won’t have to install anything and everything will be available simply via a link you can save on your smartphone or tablet screen to access it with just one click.

StatsRoyale offers, thanks to the use of the Clash Royale API, the up-to-date and accurate sequence of Chests by chronological order, and not only: it allows you to see directly how many bauls are missing, distinguished in:

  • Epic Chest,
  • Super Magical Chest,
  • Legendary Chest.

Gold, Giant and Magical Chest will appear in the normal sequence with silver chests.
While viewing a profile, it’s possible to:

  • See the clan the player is in,
  • Trophy best,
  • Actual Trophies,
  • Win Number,
  • Total donations,
  • Last Challenges.

So it’s a multitude of free and easily accessible information. To record and scan your profile you will need to enter in the box, follow the complete guide on how to use StatsRoyale, the personal hashtag and wait a few minutes to be scanned by the system.