War Tricks 2: Over 12th Tricks to Win Naval Defenses in the Wars on Clash Royale War 2 (2024)

We've talked over the past few days about which are the best decks to use to take on Clash Royale War 2's Naval Defenses, but we wanted to do more, and list many points to take into account in order to be able to use maybe their own strategies, leveraging these tips or tricks to improve your tactics.

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12th Best Tricks to Use in Clash Royale War 2

The wars in Clash Royale have become much more exciting, but before you go headlong, it's important to know how to handle the situation to secure victory for yourself and your clan.

  • Opposing defenses don't activate until you inflict damage on them
  • Your tower is very fragile compared to enemy cannons, so make sure you don't leave it uncovered. For example, place defenses.
  • Enemy towers generate troops faster: the reload speed of enemy defenses is about x5 regardless of the time remaining during the game. So you have a strong disadvantage in terms of recovery!
  • There is a standard tower cycle. If you place a PEKKA in the defense decks at the top left, it will be the first card that will be placed on the battlefield by the CPU, so pay attention to that too.
  • A downed tower will generate enemy troops without the need for it to be hit.
  • When the tower generates a card, the CPU takes at least 1 second longer to choose where to place it.
  • Some cards will appear behind the enemy tower, others in front and others on the side. Take tests and watch carefully where each of them is placed. They are usually fixed positions.
  • When you destroy a tower, it will explode, devastating all your troops, but subsequent explosions (Giant Skeleton Bomb, for example) will remain and continue to damage the troops.
  • Get 10 elixirs when destroying a tower, so be sure to place as many troops as possible on the field so you don't waste this strong advantage!
  • Defensive cards are limited to level 9.
  • Attacking enemy naval defenses will still generate medals, though less than you'd get in Classic mode.
Clash Royale War 2 Some Tricks

Cards not to be used in Attack decks of Clash Royale War 2 naval defenses

  • Arc-X (it will lock on a tower and the latter will constantly generate rival troops!)
  • Spawners (Furnaci, Barracks and Huts)
  • It is not recommended to use Spells as accidental uses of the Poison which hitting two towers will produce additional enemy troops.
  • Avoid defenses where possible if you are unable to manage its potential.

Good cards to use in attack against Clash Royale War 2 naval defenses

  • Elixir Extractor/Mirror/Fury: You have two minutes to shoot down at least one tower so it's important to pump the attack with Fury or use maxed troops with Mirror, as well as generate additional pink elixir with the extractor (recommended especially at the beginning of the game)
  • Economic cycle card to cycle faster especially with Active Fury,
  • PEKKA, Sparkle, Giant Skeleton, Royal Giant
  • Hordes like Bats and Gherri (the enemy is unlikely to use spell cards like Arrows, Downloads, or Trunk)
  • Cloning (to be used on Skeleton Giant, Night Witch, Bats, Healing Spirit)
  • Hell Tower, if you can use it at the right time you can devastate enemy troops that are really hard to take out

Preferred defense by many players

One of the most recommended defenses to use in Naval Defenses is made up of expensive cards:

  • Royal Giant
  • Recruits
  • Mega Knight,
  • Goblin Cerbottanere
  • Phantom Royale

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