Tips and Tricks to win the Ramp-Up Challenge

The brand new Ramp-Up Challenge is the last feature introduced by Supercell for Clash Royale.

In a nutshell, this event will allow you to get rich prizes, with a 9 wins score. The highest prize is a Giant Chest.

The rules are normal, as in every challenge. But the elixir generation time will change. In facts, the elixir production will get faster while the time flows.

  • 1st minute: elisir x 1.
  • 2nd minute: elisir x 2.
  • 3rd minute: elisir x 3.

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Ramp-Up challenge: tips and tricks to win

This challenge is new in its genre, and therefore the best strategy to adopt is to do friendly challenges with clanmates, in order to understand the mechanisms and basic strategies to use.

By doing so you can start the new event right away, and taking advantage of your experience, you can immediately take advantage of less experienced and prepared opponents who didn’t train.

Another thing to pay attention to is the deck you want to use. This challenge allows you to easily deploy a heavy but powerful or cheap and fast deck.

If you opt for the first option in the first minute you will simply have to defend yourself and then become more aggressive as the production of elixirs becomes faster.

Otherwise, if you choose to use a fast deck, you have to start from the beginning and lead the game, trying to quickly knock down enemy towers.

The Best two Ramp-Up Challenge Decks

If decks are your weakness, or if, simply, you want to use a different deck, keep reading!

Along with the decks, you will find average elixir cost and an explaination. Be sure to choose a deck that reflects your style: if you are used to play with tanks and heavy cards, choose an heavy and powerful deck…

Economic and Fast deck for Ramp-Up Challenge

Average elixir cost: 3.6.

  • Hog Rider;
  • Princess;
  • Rocket;
  • Inferno Tower;
  • Zap;
  • Arrows;
  • Goblin Gang;
  • Skeleton Army.

Using the Hog Rider supported by cards such as the Princess and the Goblin Gang, assault the enemy tower and destroy it! Be sure to defend against heavy troops with the skeleton army and, eventually, the goblin gang. You can also use the inferno tower.

The main strategy uses Hog Rider and support cards, so never waste it is a good choice.

Heavy and Powerful deck for Ramp-Up Deck

Average elixir cost: 4.6.

  • P.E.K.K.A;
  • Princess;
  • Inferno Dragon;
  • Mega Minion;
  • Zap;
  • Tornado;
  • Wizard;
  • Balloon.

Deploy a P.E.K.K.A near the king tower. Once the elixir has charged, use the wizard, and keep ready the Tornado.

That’s the main strategy people use with this kind of deck. It’s a good idea, since the wizard will protect your P.E.K.K.A (and your Balloon) from any thread. If he’s killed, use a tornado or the princess to kill every enemy unit.

The mega minion is good for giving the last hit.

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