New Layout BH4 resistant against BH5 for Clash of Clans

If you are often against too many BH5 players or above, you must arm yourself with such patience, and above all, a dedicated layout to repel these types of players despite the great advantage they have (War Machine Hero). This is the best layout for BH4 against BH5 for Clash of Clans.

The layout we’ll talk about, also includes a video showing how it feels perfectly cater to any type of attack strategy on the part of enemies. It is obvious that in addition to the defense you have to rely on your offensive strategy, but already scoring a low percentage to your opponent takes you to great advantage.

The described base has two openings that perform a sort of funneling for the troops, basically they are pushed where we prefer. The northwest is full of traps, but the south-east is accessible only by passing through the splinters, a deadly weapon.

In the video, you can also watch defensive replays of this kind of village and see how to win every versus battle.