Base Layout BH8 + VIDEO + Super PEKKA, Mega Tesla and Roaster

Many videos that show how the new defenses and new troops work on Clash of Clans begin to spread, and we talk about the Super PEKKA, Roaster, Giant Cannon, Mega Tesla and much more. Exclusively in a video gameplay BH8 (which should be the maximum level reached for the Builder Base, at least until now).

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How to works Super PEKKA

As you will see Super PEKKA allows you to activate the explosion only at the time of death: once defeated it will overburden energy and exploding will cause major damage in surrounding defenses. Explosion power increases according to the level achieved in the Star Laboratory (at the moment the maximum level is 16).

How to works Mega Tesla

The Mega Tesla deals high damage but with a second-most damage to the standard Tesla occult, it is also visible from the start.

It is possible to install the second Guard Post to increase vertically the troops inside.

How to works Roaster

The Roaster inflicts damage to the area with flames, and the low-tier troops are flown away by the impact waves.