New base BH4 2400 trophies to climb to Base Builder

We are always looking for layouts to get as many cups as possible and get the most important bottoms, however BH5 and experienced players are getting more and more, so it’s important to push on innovation: the usual arrangements cause problems for a long time because they are known And easily counteract. Here is the New Base BH4 2400 trophies to climb into Builder Base + Replay

Layout is the Spaccato’s fulcrum, so it is important to have it at the highest level to get the most from this facility. As you can see, snappy traps and spurt traps will have a very important role in the defensive system.

Builder hall 4 is positioned in the center to try to ensure within the limits of the only 1 star possible and the highest percentage. Watch the video and replay to see how the base works.