Most defensive layout BH4 to climb 2500 trophies on Clash of Clans

The village and base BH4, which we will discuss today, provides an important block where there is the builder’s room surrounded by defenses that keep him safe from the physical attacks such as Giants Boxers, and a smaller rectangle that presents the rest of the other defenses. Also in the video will be visible replays that show off defensive abilities: we discover the most defensive BH4 layout to climb on Clash of Clans.

Rivals will be attracted to the high side where the City Hall Level 3 is present and where the defenses are installed but this will lead them to not even win a star. The extreme (south east) side will be well protected by the Guard Place (we recommend a barbarian and an archer).

The replay you see perfectly shows that very often the enemies will attack on the opposite side of the City Hall (which is also the most despicable one), and the victories are almost always insured. Test it and let us know what you think.