5 updated BH6 layouts to reject attacks from BH7

With the arrival of the BH7 you will probably be wondering how you will repel the assaults of the enemies who have more troops, higher levels and other types of strategies. We tried to do our best to pick up the best BH6 layout updated on the arrival of the BH7 .

We know, there is nothing worse than confronting players above their own. The matchmaking does not allow you to collide BH at the same time, everything is completely casual. In order to avoid being in a disadvantageous attack, it is essential to work out a defensive plan to get the enemy the lowest possible rate of destruction. Here are 5 arrangements to use for BH6 that are able to repel BH7 attacks.

Chiaramente la difesa respinta non è assicurata, per quello vi servirà sicuramente un pizzico di fortuna, avrete tuttavia buone possibilità di far capitolare la strategia dell’avversario.