Sneak Peek #2 Leak Clash of Clans in Official YouTubers Videos

On Supercell’s official Forums many users noticed that in some Clash of Clans Official YouTubers videos there is a strange thing that may be a Sneak Peek leak. Let’s discover what’s this together.

Sneak Peek #2 Leak?

In YouTubers videos, such as Powerbang Gaming’s, in the forrest around the village, some users noticed a small wall piece.

Will it be a wall piece? Something related to Halloween? Or will it be just a bad joke? Many players think it might be a level 13 wall row.

Anyways, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will get a confirm: in facts, the official Clash of Clans community managers, through socials, said that there will be a sneak peek per day, for a total number of 3 sneak peeks. Will this leak be true?

Stay tuned for other Clash of Clans October 2017 news!