BH3 Troll Layout Anti-3 Star on Clash of Clans

In this article, we will illustrate with a video a layout that we could call Troll Base, or a layout that brings players to be deceived by reproaching it simple at first sight but which turns out to be very difficult and almost always results in fail with our glittering victory. Here is the best troll base layout for BH3 to use on Clash of Clans.

The layout has a completely open layout, like a blind alley that incorporates (almost) all the buildings in your village. The Builder Hall is positioned almost externally but protected by a double row of walls, allowing him to deceive players by making them believe it is easy to reach.

If an opponent tries to place some troops such as Archers on the other side, he will notice that the latter will take the “long road” by completing the village tour (also attracted by strategically located buildings).

Likewise, flying troops like Beta Minions will be completely destroyed by the Firecrackers placed next to Builder Hall. This will ensure victory in Clash of Clans Versus Battles: Test and see!

BH3 Troll Base Video

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