Leak coming from Italian Official Social: Builder Base friendly challenges!

As always, we try to catch as many leaks as possible… and today there are amazing news! In facts, we caught a leak that can be considered… official! Keep reading for discover more!

Builder Base Friendly Challenges Leak!

As you may know, yesterday was announced the second Clash of Clans sneak peek. We were randomly browsing Clash of Clans’ Italian official Twitter page and we noticed that the community managers wrongly posted a picture of sneak peek 3, instead of #2.

The Tweet was obviously deleted but we saved the picture and we have published it on our italian forums.

Here it is.Leak Sfide amichevoli BB

(Translates: Incoming: Builder Base Friendly Challenges!)

So we had an “official leak” and we can confirm: Builder Base friendly challenges are officially coming to Clash of Clans!

The sneak peek will probabily be published today in some hours.

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