BH7 Guide, Builder Hall 7: what to upgrade first, how to manage defenses, strategies and troop upgrades


In this guide we will explain how to get the best from the Builder Base with Building Hall Level 7: we will show you the steps you need to follow to get the most and be able to optimize gold and elixir without having to buy gems and spend money. We will explain what we think are the steps to get the most out of your BH7 (Builder Hall 7) where we can finally unlock and use the Culinary Balloon Troop.

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Builder Hall level 7 upgrade

Once you upgrade your builder hall to level 7, you will get many other buildings and defenses, so you have to manage your gold and elixir.

Guida BH5, Base del Costruttore 5

Let’s start listing what you get with this upgrade:

  • New building
    Giant Cannon,
    New wall rows,
    Hidden teslas,
    Giant Cannon,
    New army camp,

Available upgrades

Star Laboratory can be upgraded until level 7,
Builder Barracks can be upgraded until level 9

  • Unlocks drop ship,
  • Giant Cannon can be upgraded until level 5,
  • All the defenses can be upgraded until level 7
  • Hero Battle Machine can be upgraded until level 15,
  • Resource buildings can be upgraded until level 7,
  • All the traps (except spring trap) can be ugraded until level 7

Main Village Gear Up


What to Build first in Builder Hall level 7

You may know that farming in this mode is very hard, so we will not go to the gold and elixir question as we have talked about it widely in the article How to Farm in Builder Base. That’s why it’s extremely important to rationalize and maximize the amount of resources we can get on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that investing before gold and elixir on structures or developments that might prove to be a waste of resources could cost you a lot in time and, above all, wins in Versus Battles. Here’s what to prioritize.

How to use gold in Builder Hall level 7

We do not recommend giving priority to Elixir Collector and Golg Mine, as the biggest loot comes from the Versus Battles. You may reserve the development of these buildings according to your preferences, given the low cost and rather limited time you can decide to upgrade them whenever you want.

As you will know, it is very important to defend yourself, because in this mode the defensive side is very important (it is important to choose among the best bases for BH7, find them here). Here’s why it’s very important if it is not essential to invest the Gold in defenses by following this order:

  1. Build the first Giant Cannon (very short building time),
  2. Give the maximum priority to the Multi Mortar, so you will be able to get rid of melee units with some hits
  3. Build all the available wall rows.
  4. Build all the traps
  5. Build all the other buildings (prioritize Crusher and air defenses)

How to use elixir in Builder Hall level 7

Elixir is very important in this mode because you have to use it for troop upgrades. Here’s what you should give priority to:

  1. Build the fourth Army Camp
  2. You can avoid upgrading Builder Barracks to level 9
  3. Upgrade Star Laboratory to level 7
  4. For now, you can avoid upgrading the Gem Mine, since you earn a very small amount of gems and it is a big elixir lose.


Offensive mode is very important in Builder Base, so you have to manage very well the troops to upgrade. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Upgrade Star Laboratory to level 7,
  2. Upgrade to level 14 the troops, in this order:
    1. Baby dragon,
    2. Night witch,
    3. Sneaky Archers,
    4. Raged barbarians,
    5. Boxer Giant,
    6. Bomber,
    7. Minions
    8. Drop Ship.

These are the most important steps. Then you can upgrade Gem Mine, even if you cn avoid it. Don’t forget to use the best BH7 Bases.