3 Best BH4 layout for winning Versus Battles and Loot on Clash of Clans

The first rule that allows to win in Builder Base 4 is always to have up-to-date and fresh designs to use as a spare, in fact, it is assumed that a very bold layout can be easily dropped as players can often face challenges and thus know the weaknesses. We find the 3 Best BH4 Bases to win challenges and big booty on Clash of Clans

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Rectangular Builder Base 4 Layout with Giant Mine

This layout is what we are personally using in the village: it is arranged so as to protect the builder hall at the center. One side is completely covered with defenses that can cover all the exposed defenses. It goes without saying that there is little to do with Sneaky Archers, but the external structures are also protecting the defensive structures.

bh4 nuova base difensiva clash of clans

The open parts you find are specially designed like funneling where traps such as Giant Mines or Spring Traps are positioned.

Open BH4 Base

The northwest side is reinforced with a double row of walls to prevent sneaky archers from knocking down the two cannons and continuing to protect builder hall. The archer towers, protect from flying troops like Beta Minions.

bh4 nuova base difensiva clash of clans

The open side is specifically designed to attract giant boxers or raged Barbarians to the crusher. External defenses are also the weakest or bulky ones.

BH4 Open Base with Trap bluff

This layout focuses on empty spaces: the player believes he will find many traps on the northwest side and this will push him to attack the village from the opposite side but which is covered with defenses and resistant buildings to the attacks of sneaky archers.

bh4 nuova base difensiva clash of clans

Video with Replays and Defenses on Builder Hall 4 Layouts

In the video you can see how the village can perfectly avoid enemies’ attacks.