AffilioBot on Telegram Discounts and Promotions: Generate Amazon and Gearbest Offers in Your Channel and Telegram Group [How to Get 10% discount]

Now almost everyone owns a Telegram channel where they advertise their offers suitable for every slice of the market: there are those who use it for offers dedicated to Tech, who for offers dedicated to electronics, who to Amazon offers dedicated to the home and so on. There’s something for everyone, but few know about bots that can automate the delivery of offers, deals and discounts without moving a finger! Today we will talk about Affiliobot, the bot that allows you to set your favorite Amazon or Gearbest categories and let him do it all. In this article we will also talk about how to activate the 10% promotion to use right away on your subscription!

Affiliobot is a very powerful tool that automates a job that would otherwise require a lot of management work thinking then that every purchase fee is low-income and this would result in an incredible job for a really meager gain. So how do I and use Affiliobot to automatically find and publish the best deals?

Affiliobot How It Works And Discount

We are the first to talk about it in Italy and probably in the world, so we want to invite anyone using this bot to use our link to activate a 10% discount on subscriptions. Yes, because of course it is a bot that requires a small monthly (or annual) sum to work, we have used it as testers and translators in Italian of the product and we can well say that the bot is in continuous development and in constant enhancement.

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How does Affiliobot create Amazon Offers automatically?

Anyone on Telegram who has had a little familiarity with bots on Telegram knows that it is enough to start the bot, cllicking this link, then press the WARNING button and follow the steps indicated.

You don’t even need an API connection to Amazon! It’s a disarming ease, just insert during setup the tag you prefer to add the latter to the links that will be generated by the bot.

Once you have registered for the service you can add your Channel and configure it: to do so you just need to enter the bot as an administrator of the channel of the same name and send the command that the bot will generate.

AffilioBot features

Once you’ve done that comes the fun nip part, here are some of the features you can customize:

  • Amazon tags: You can set up the channel tag,
  • Ignore Deals: You can enter keywords to allow your bot to ignore certain offers,
  • Blacklist/Whitelist: you can enter words to be banned or allowed for publication (for example: by whitelisting “PC” the bot will only publish offers with this word in the product title)
  • Categories list: The categories from which the bot will search for offers,
  • Types of offers: You can choose which offers to feed your bot for example only Flash Offers or Deals of the Day,
  • Ratings: Set a minimum of Product Ratings (in stars) and ignore those below this minimum.
  • Manual Deals: You can manually set up some offers,
  • Template Elements: you can customize the basic template of the offers (by removing, for example, the category or who the product is sold)
  • Watermark Set: You can set a watermark to make your offers unique and not have them stolen!
  • Min discount: set a minimum of clash within which the bot will locate the products on offer, will ignore those under this range

The bot is constantly developing and will continue this step, and will probably manage to “make shoes” to many similar bots that especially in Italy wallow asking for dizzying monthly or annual sums.

Promotion 10% discount on Subscriptions

To activate the 10% subscription discount, simply click here and start the bot with the discount already active.