How to participate in Clash Royale’s ESWC Clan Wars in eSports

Clash Royale continues to delve more and more into the eSports world. The next event will be the ESWC Clan Wars . It will be the first official team tournament in 2018, and the official prize pool will be a good 20,000 dollars.

A nice showcase to show off, and try to write your own names in the Olympus of the best players of Clash Royale.

How the qualifications for ESWC Clan Wars will take place

The event will be divided into various stages before reaching the final ambition.

  • Qualifications: will take place between 6 and 13 January 2017. Here the 64 participating teams will be divided into 2 large groups of 32. From this stage will qualify 8 teams, and more specifically the best 4 for each group.
  • Play off: on January 20th there will be play-offs among the 8 winners of the previous 2 groups. From this stage only the best 2 clans will qualify for the final phase of the games. In addition, the winners will receive 2,000 dollars each to face the travel expenses to the city where ESWC Clan Wars will be hosted.
  • Final: On January 27th the final will take place in the EXPORT Arena of Levallois-Perret. Here we will face the 2 clans that have passed the preliminary rounds with the Spanish Queso team and the French Millenium. The latter 2 groups are those who in the past tournament have managed to qualify for the first and second place and have acquired the right to participate in the new event directly from the final round.

Once the tournament is over, the winner and the prize money of 20000 Dollars will be awarded.

  • 1 classified: Samples Title and 10000 Dollars.
  • 2 classified: Vice Champions and 5000 Dollars.
  • 3 classified: prize of 2500 Dollars.

Now the question that many will ask is how to participate in the ESWC Clan Wars. Nothing could be simpler, in fact it will suffice that you connect to the official ESWC website and complete the appropriate form.

In the event that you manage to qualify for the final phase, another form will be made available where you will need to enter other data.