Winning decks for Arena 13 (60% win), Legendary Arena and Leagues on Clash Royale

Are you climbing In To be Built 13 or want to improve your deck to get more and more rewards in the current season? In this article, we list decks that have at least a 60% chance of winning the Legendary Arena and Clash Royale Leagues!

As already explained in other articles and guides, many of these decks are very used for their power and this allows you to know in advance their strategies, makes this a benefit to your advantage!

Simply copy the decks you prefer by clicking on the button below them, and if you're not satisfied, check out the decks section for Legendary Arena.

Remember that they are sorted by percentages: the former are stronger than the last listed.

Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 8;26000026;26000030;26000041;27000006;28000003;28000004;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 9;26000026;26000030;26000041;27000006;28000003;28000004;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 10;26000005;26000036;26000042;26000046;26000050;28000008;28000009
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 11;26000005;26000036;26000042;26000046;26000050;28000008;28000009
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 12;26000026;26000030;26000041;27000003;28000003;28000004;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 13;26000006;26000029;26000039;26000041;27000009;28000001;28000007
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 14;26000015;26000018;26000039;26000041;26000048;28000001;28000007
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 15;26000015;26000018;26000039;26000048;28000007;28000012;28000015