Perfect Deck to Win Steal Elixir Seasonal Challenge on Clash Royale 2024

The Steal Elixir Challenge on Clash Royale is a periodic challenge that allows players to win free additional Elixir Pink simply by crossing a certain limit or destroying a Pink Elixir Depot placed every 20/30 seconds in the center of the field. We have tested and tried one of the decks that will allow you to win all the challenges without losing and without having to buy or spend money to get the Royale Pass.

The deck has strategies of course related to getting the additional free elixir generated by the game. Let's explain a few steps.

  • The Spirit of Ice has been specially inserted to allow you to quickly obtain the elixir drop (usually 1 or 2) that appears on the two jumpers. This way you'll spend an elixir and get 1 or earn 1 (in case there are 2 available). What's the point? It makes sense because you recycle an elixir to your advantage or you get one more, instead of giving it to your enemy! If you want you can also use Fire Spirits, even if they are more expensive.
  • The horde of skeletons allows you to get simultaneously pink elixir deposit, and the two drops on the jumpers (sometimes they are generated in the same period). Placing the skeletons in the exact center, where the Depot is, they will split and a part will remain in the center to destroy the Depot and a couple of them placed at the end, will walk the jumpers getting the pink elixir. This way you'll spend 3 and potentially get 5 or 6 pink elixir!
  • Mini PEKKA, Balloon and Valkyrie aim to quickly destroy the pink Elixir depot and get elixir for free.
  • Witch generating skeletons will allow you to always have units "around" in the field managing to get drops of pink Elixir here and there!
  • Download and Dragon Puppy are instead Supporters to use in the event the enemy uses hordes of Sgherri or Goblins.

Using this deck we were able to win all the challenges by losing only once! This way you can do without spending money and gems to continue the challenge.

Challenges Won

Use this deck to easily win the Steal Elixir challenge on Clash Royale!

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