Exclusive: Leaks Screenshot of Clash Royale’s New Touchdown Mode

When a Clash Royale update is coming, many hack enthusiasts begin their search to trap on supercell private servers or tune the entire web into search of information. Even this time, new real-life leaks come to us more than ever: screenshots and new Touchdown mode rules.

The well-known Russian social network VK is now known as the exclusive resource of the Supercell games: a few minutes ago, some screenshots showing Clash Royale Touchdown’s gameplay and gameplay, along with new features such as:

  • All fights will take place in a separate arena,
  • Overall game time 3 minutes,
  • Additional time 3 minutes,
  • The main task is to make 3 crowns in battle,
  • In this mode, you can use units like a miner a graveyard or a barrel but only in the middle of the field!
  • If a unit crosses the line, a crown will count and it will be Touchdown.

Following the game screens:

Probably also in this case we will have different arenas based on the number of trophies reached, just like the card game mode. As we always keep you up to date, remember that live will soon begin where the new game mode will be officially presented .